Home sweet home.
Now, years earlier.

Enjoy all the benefits of home ownership
for only $25,000 with Key Living.

Get off the rental treadmill and
save years of scrimping for a 20% downpayment.

Our new model of ownership works by solving two distinct challenges:


We provide a solution for people who can’t afford a big downpayment by bringing in investors.


We eliminate the headache for any investor who doesn't want to manage and maintain properties.

Wish you could own a home but struggling to save for the down payment? Learn more here.


Lauren is excited she'll be able to live in a gorgeous bachelor smart-home in the heart of the city with Key Living once its built. She loves decorating & is already selecting wallpaper for her bathroom.


Her $25,000 investment (which is 5% of the suite value) means that when she moves in she will pay 5% less each month than if she was renting.


She’s looking forward to rediscovering her love of running by joining Key Living’s morning running group.

After she moves in, Lauren can easily grow her investment even more by leasing her suite through our app when she visits her boyfriend in New York.


"It would have taken me 6 years to save the down payment for the same unit. Not only did I get to settle in my own place sooner, I'm able to easily contribute and grow my investment.”

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Interested in learning more?
Here's how it works

Invest or live in our community. The choice is yours.

For only $25,000 you can become an owner-resident in one of our first 8 buildings in Toronto. We take care of the rest of the financing requirements through our investors.

Can’t afford that yet? Invest in our portfolio, watch your value grow and get there sooner. If you’re just interested in investing, you can start with as little as $500

Move into your new home and stay as long as you'd like.

You’re in complete control. You can live in your suite for as long as you want while you watch your value grow.

Need more space or less? Switch to a different suite in any Key Living community easily & without the typical 5 to 8% in transaction and moving costs.

Earn money renting out your suite to finance your travels

Travelling a lot? If you want us to, we can rent out your suite and look after all the details while you’re away for a weekend or holiday. It’s a great and easy way to earn some extra spending money or add to your investment.

Managing your home and investment is a simple tap away.

Our proprietary Key Living dashboard means managing the lights and heat in your suite, reserving a housecleaner, booking a ride and tracking your investment can all be done on your phone and from anywhere.

Growing your investment is easy with Key Living.

Remember our first time buyer Lauren?

If she had the option of investing $25,000 with us 5 years ago - and invested another $500 each month from money she earned renting her suite when she visited her boyfriend - today she would have $82,864 in equity.

Based on how the Toronto real estate market performed the last 5 years, Lauren's investment would have appreciated by 30% and $19,071.

Plus, she would have saved $8,793 in her monthly residential payment, which she used to help grow her investment even faster.

Lunch & Learns

We’ll bring lunch and present on homebuying and real estate investment to your team.

Join us Thursday December 12th for our next lunch & learn. We're hosting it at our office at 180 John Street.

Are you a realtor?

So is our VP Business Development Mark McLean. In fact he was President of The Toronto Real Estate Board and founded both condos.ca and Sotheby's in Toronto before joining Key Living.

We're partnering with the top real estate agents in the city to help aspiring buyers find a home. If you're a realtor interested in learning more, Mark would love to chat.

The “equity value” of the Key shares held by Lauren is based on certain assumptions that management of Key Living believe are appropriate in the circumstances; however, there can be no certainty that these assumptions will be correct. This example is indicative only and (i) Key Living management have made certain assumptions regarding the equity value, including an annual appreciation rate of 8% on the real property owned by Key Living, a rate that is less than the Toronto real estate market’s actual historical performance of an annual average appreciate rate of 13.4% from 2014 through 2018 (Source: Urbanation), and (ii) the equity value of Lauren’s Key shares may be more or less than the amount presented depending on a number of other factors that may impact the value of her Key shares, including various operational, market and other matters. As with any equity investment, there are certain risks associated with investing with Key Living. The value of an investment in Key Shares is not guaranteed to increase, and may rise or fall significantly based on volatility in the real estate market, the general stock market or other economic conditions and the financial results and operating results of Key Living. The information posted on this website is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any security, nor does it constitute an offer by Key Living or its affiliates to sell any security in any jurisdiction in which, or to any person to whom, such would not be permitted under applicable law. Any offering of securities of Key Living will be done pursuant to applicable securities laws and any potential investor in any offering by Key Living should rely exclusively on the materials provided in connection with such offering and should review the risk factors identified in such offering documentation.

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